Buy Now 5 .COM Domains! - | eBay

Buy Now 5 .COM Domains! - | eBay

Buyer recieves these 5 domains:
Domnain + Expiration 01 Jan 2018 31 Dec 2017 31 Dec 2017 06 Jan 2018 18 Nov 2017

All Domains Are:
1. Aged
2. Reg
3. Useful for business/blog

Why You Should Invest In Domain Names:
1. Capital Gain
2. Domains are the raw land of the fast-growing online economy
3. Portable Wealth
4. Domains can be owned and operated from anywhere
5. A Hard Asset
6. Like precious metals, domain names can never be destroyed
7. Safe and Secure
8. Unlike precious metals, if you lose a domain name, you can find it easily.

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