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Why today's internet marketers need Domain Hunter Gatherer

It’s no secret that ranking websites and attracting traffic is more difficult than ever before. Google dominates the search market, so in order to hit the first page of their rankings and bring in visitors, you need to optimize your sites with methods that are rewarded by Google’s algorithms.
For internet marketers, that means putting together a complicated mix of ingredients which will still work after all of Google’s cute animal updates, including:
A powerful private blog network sending link juice directly to the money siteAn aged, authority money siteA large group of tier-1 feeder sites, built on strong web 2.0 platforms Complicating things even more, those sites should ideally have great domain metrics and be closely related to the money site’s subject.
It’s not an impossible task, but it can take weeks or months to search and find strong, related domains to be used for money sites and for those large supporting networks. And it can cost a fortune.